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Discarding Envy

I am glad to know this brave lady and to have her as part of the Partakers team…

Joyfully After All

For those of you that have been following my blogs since I started WAY back in college you know that I’ve had my up’s and my downs. I have had some very awesome and amazing things happen in my life (graduating from college and grad school, getting married, giving birth to my Snowflake, making some amazing friends and those are just a few high lights). I have also had my share of trials (my rape, miscarriages, the drunk that broke into my apartment, my RA diagnosis, and my husband getting thrown in jail). Through it all I have been an observer. I love to observe people. Not to judge, just because human nature and activities intrigue me.

I see friends that are living the dream I have always held. They are married with 2 or 3 children, and their spouse treats them amazingly well. They have jobs that they love…

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  1. Hey Dave! Thanks so much for reblogging this! I may not have seen it otherwise! This is a very encouraging and blessed post! She truly has an anointing on her life! God bless you, brother, for sharing this! <3

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