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1 Kings 17 – Elijiah & the hand of God

CCWC 08/03/2003 1 Kings 17

“Elijiah & the hand of God”

William Muncey

‘Living In A Topsy Turvy World’

‘The hand of God’

1. Is God a ‘hands-on’ God? Ask Elijah. God helps us. 1Kgs. 17 – weather forecast – no rain ordered.

2. Feeling ravenous. ha, ha, ha – fed by ravens.

3. Against the grain. No empty jars – constantly refilled.

4. Is anything impossible with God?

Widows’ son dies.

Widows’ son bought back to life.

5. Beyond the Comfort Zone

* Bold Prophecy

* Move to enemy territory

* Went to least likely person for help

* Saw God in action

Keys to Elijah’s success.

* Total trust

* Unquestioning obedience

* Hand of God

Is this the key to your life?


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