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Seeding Poetry

Sunflower Poetry


It’s a Bourgot, well whaddya know?

9000 acres yet to go…seeding whoa!

Got half done and the rain came down.

Standing in the sun’s half light.

Supper at dusk, seeding half the night.

Driving through the dust, it’s gotta go!

Night shift is when the wrecks come.

They sure ain’t a lot of fun, son.

It’s a Bourgot, well whaddya know?

Doing some slant poetry for Meeting At The Bar.  Because I missed Poetics, “It’s Quoteable” with Mary I have submitted a late one below.

This is one of my husband’s favorite farming songs, by a Canadian band:

Thank you Lord, for the blessings in our lives.

For those things which You bless us richly.

That we do not deserve, nor are worthy of.

Thank you Lord, for the blessings in our lives.

Those things which make us stronger, better.

That which gives us character and scars too.

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The Ministry of the Eighteenth Camel

Pam's Perambulation

I was recently sent a copy of Emma Percy’s book, What Clergy Do.  I did not get along with her premise of “Motherhood as a metaphor for ministry”.  But, it made me think a lot.  If that is not a model of ministry I can get along with, then what is?

This is the only way I can articulate what I believe ordained ministry and leadership to be about – the  ministry of the Eighteenth Camel.

There is the ancient story of a man who left his 17 camels to his 3 sons.

 The instructions were to divide them according to age.  The eldest son was to have half of the camels, the middle son a third of them, and the youngest son a ninth.  This is an impossible sum.

Until another man came along.  He asked them what their trouble was, and they explained.  Wait there, he said…

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Download The Bank Cook booklet


Veggie parcel page 14 Veggie parcel page 14

Hi, thank you for visiting the page today. This blog is still being populated but,  If you’d like to download the booklet, please go ahead and click on the link below.

Recipes for food banks users – booklet for download

If you are business and would like to sponsor the printing of a number of booklets please request the High Res PDF by emailing

Please note, this booklet is not for sale.

Be blessed.


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Chugging for the Gospel?

Food for thought perchance?

The World Was Silent When We Died

Olathepoet's Blog

Really taken back by the current situation in Nigeria so I wrote about it. The title is pinched from Half of a Yellow Sun; the novel by Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

We must do something. We must act now and #BringOurGirlsBack

“My eyes water, my heart aches, Aljazeera echoes, two hundred and thirty four girls. I feel like I am in between chocking and falling into cardiac arrest. Aljazeera echoes, the sound bounces off my wall like 808 sound bites, fear is in the air, rising like chimney fumes on portobello road steady moving like Lagos traffic. 

This isn’t the days of Nubia where the worth of any being is hailed and respected. 
This is like the Biafra war, 
Like apartied, 
Like genocied. 
This is a new Nigeria. 
Where children are now pawns to Boko Haram hastily being flung on their chess boards with no remorse but this is…

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