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Mt. 14:22-36 – Water Works

All Souls 05/27/2004 – Mt. 14:22-36 Rupert Higgins

Rejection or Recognition? – ‘Water Works’

Introduction – Faith is not just great feats/miracles.


1. Doubt arises from faith. Unbelief is the opposite of faith, not doubt. Trust is known faith & unknown faith. There is enough in the Scriptures to know enough and not every question. v.25

2. Circumstances do create doubt v.30 Doubt comes in when you take your eyes away from the object you have faith in. Concentrate on Him, and not the source of your anxiety. …Peter denying Xt.

3. Faith leads us 2 Jesus. v30. LORD save me! Doubt is double mindedness. Faith is singlemindedness. How is the Lordship of Jesus being worked out v.32. Doubt comes in when we are unclear in our focus. Peter learnt well as can be seen in his epistles.

Conclusion – come back and fix your gaze on Him when you doubt! Don’t lose heart & do focus on Him.

*Storms are God’s means of transportation into a deeper relationship with Him. Just as Jesus came at night to the disciples – Psalm 10, Heb13:5, 1Kg12:8, Ps139:5.

*Gods means of testing

The sermon is located here sshould you want to listen to it.


1 Cor.14:1-25 – Tongues & Prophecy……….

CCWC 05/23/2004 1 Cor.14:1-25

Tongues & Prophecy. W. Muncey

Eg. Of ACTS Biblical Base.

Cornelius, Men from Ephesus, Agabus, Philip’s Daughters

Gifts 4 today

@ A variety of gifts.

@ Tongues are languages ‘glossalalia’ – personal & primary use. Can be used in worship or when it is interpreted – important!

@ Not 4 everyone.

@ Practised in other religions.

@ Can be counterfeit.

@ v21 – 24. Message of GOD proclaimed.

Gift of Prophecy

1. Expository preaching.

2. A prophetic role – OT prophets. Ethics & Parliament.

3. A word for the Church today. Individual messagebfor the church – Divine inspiration & intervention to assist & encourage the Church. Call to repentance.


– glorify GOD

– agrees with the Scriptures

– building up the Church

– spoken with love & humility

– submit to the judgment of others.


– Desire the gifts.

– Open to His Spirit?

Is it what we want?

How do we receive the Gifts?

Pray with others as well about it..

What is the context?

LOVE is the aim…….

Mt. 14:1-21 – Food for Thought

All Souls 05/20/2004 Mt. 14:1-21

Paul Williams

Rejection or Recognition? ‘Food for Thought’

Jesus does NOT restrict!

1. It is a miracle. V14-17. Are we like the disciples with our 1st reaction. Not the first miracle they had seen. Mt13:54

2. A miracle of Creation. Reminder of Exodus – provider of food. V19

3. A miracle of new creation in the future. Have a banquet that will fill you up! v20-21 (Is. 25:6-9). Full lives & full bellies. Total satisfaction

4. A miracle of provision. (Mt.6:33). The crowd were seeking Jesus regardless of their motivation. Do we really believe X provides 4 vs.

5. A miracle of satisfaction. v.20. Allegory of spiritual needs.

Mt. 5:6

Compare v9 w v20. Distress vs Satisfaction.

The sermon is located here sshould you want to listen to it.

1 Cor. 13 – Love……

Love – CCWC 05/16/2004 1 Cor. 13

What makes asuccessful church?

1 Cor13:2 No Love=nothing

Love is.the answer! – 10 Comms &Jesus message

What is love?

Agape – act of the will whereby we will want the best for another, just as God seeks our highest good, so we are to do to others.

Phileo – friendship

Storge – family

Eros – romantic or sexual

Love is patient, kind, not jealous (covetousness), proud/conceited,rude, not irritable, not selfish, hates evil, loves good, happy with the truth.

LOVE IS ..!!!!

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