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Rainbow City

Rainbow City


There is a land
A beautiful city where peace and harmony
Are at hand.
Glowing colours
Sweet aromas
A tranquil setting.


My fears
My tears and sadness too
Are soothed away as I enter
The calmness of
“Rainbow City”


The sun shines brightly
The birds sing sweetly
And make melody
Amongst themselves.


How did I come to this place?
Are there others who come here too?
Yes I seem to recognize that face,
Is it a memory or is it you?


Anyone can come here
Whoever you are,
I’ll tell you the Way,
Its not very far.


If you go to seek refuge
Comfort and help,
A stillness of body, mind
And soul,
From the busy days looming ahead,
Or the busiest day
That’s just come your way.


To enter Rainbow city,
Just sit and relax
In a favourite room
With only a favourite hot drink.
Do this when there is no-one around
To bug, pester or hound.
Let al cares and thoughts just drift away,
And focus your attention on the joy that will stay,
In your heart for the rest of the day.


As you see the city and the delights within
Thank the One who made it for you.
His name is Jesus, you know who I mean,
If you look hard enough He is to be seen.
Search for Him in that city of gems
And when you see Him

Face to face,
Its time for you
Not to return to this place
But to stay with the One you has called you
To be with Him
In “Rainbow City”

IX. Throne Room

I try to spend my day
In thoughts
And with prayers to my Father
Often I say

“LORD, canst thou hear me?”

Then in my mind I see Him.
All beauty to behold
His radiance too bright for me,
And holiness so bold.
I see my Father sitting there,
Upon His lofty golden throne,
And angels there surround Him
All righteousness and fair.

Then I see a hole appear through the crystal floor
And shafts of light dart through
Golden and gleaming upon His face.
Then these words do follow –

“LORD, canst thou hear me?”

My Fathers’ heart is love
And He sees the needs from above,
So I see Him send His angels down
Following the shafts of prayer
From the saints
To comfort and to hold me
In my time of need.


Jesus – Our Victor

Jesus – Our Victor

Satan would have us curse God and die
But that is living a fatal lie.
We should always boldly reject
All things evil he would suggest.

For the battle is already won
Through Jesus Christ – God’s own Son.
The chosen One who came to earth
By a miracle of Virgin Birth.

We can claim the victory
By looking back in history
As He died there alone on a hill
Doing just the Father’s will.

Three days dead, He did lie
Before the tombstone it did fly
Revealing to a startled world
Whose sight of God was somewhat blurred.

For all sins He died and rose
So as to save all those
Who believe He is the Holy One –
The Father’s only Begotten Son.

Jesus – Our Joy

Jesus – Our Joy

When we seem down
And days seem dull
Turn our eyes to Jesus.
For in His presence is fullness of joy
A peace we’ll find within
When we look to Him.

He is with us
Every day,
To know Him and to follow His way,
The Bible He has given us
A book of life,
That ceases our strife
But calls us to turn
To the LORD, from whom we learn.

So, when you feel you’ve had enough,
Turn your face towards the heavens
And smile at Jesus,
Sing to Him praises due His Holy name
For then you’ll change
And never feel the same.

Jesus – My Goal, My Desire

Jesus – My Goal, My Desire

My eyes are sore from crying
And my spirit is deeply sighing
The faith I had is old and stale.
Before confessing the sordid tale
Of all the sins my flesh would do
Affecting lives and my Saviour too.

Deep inside my heart of hearts
Through the very hardest parts,
Is the goal to do what’s right
In the Spirits’ glorious might.
Jesus Christ is my desire
‘cause that’s just what He does require.

My goals and life as I run
Are owned by Him – the Holy One.
Abba Father grant me grace;
So I may go complete the race
Set before me, with eyes ahead
To Him who hung for me and bled.

Tales of a King Sojourner

Tales of a King Sojourner

by Dave Roberts

In the still of obscure night
Shining stars glow from afar
The moon fully incandescent bright –
A sky without a scar.

Branches of the eucalypts
Sway softly in the breeze
The night is but a crypt –
All God’s creatures move with ease.

A lone intruder strolls along,
An enemy is near.
A call goes out loud and strong –
“HUMAN scent I fear!”

Bat wings stir into their cave
Snakes glide into the brush
Possums stow in a secret enclave –
Koalas huddle in a crush.

The stranger ambles past
This is sad I thought
Of his nothing will last –
All will come to nought.

One time in the past
I was that lost man
Going nowhere fast –
Having not a super plan.

Then a voice reached out
Loud and with decree
“Looking for me!”, He did shout –
“Come and follow Me!!”

And now as I look back
On my life from then to now
Not one thing do I lack
No more need I bow

To all false gods and idols
To all that is not good
Mere human recitals
And figures made of wood.

The truth is shining through
My life did Jesus mend
The Way is narrow for the few
Who make it in the end

The other man has vanished
Not having heard the story
That one way you are banished –
The other you’re in glory.

So come my friends
And God we’ll always follow
That’s my story to the end
Having life without a hollow.

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