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It seems that some of the MP3 links on some previous posts aren’t working! Will find out the problem and then re-issue them!!  Last few days has been like this diagram! So if you pray, please do pray!



SALT – Gill

salt,partake ministries

Interview of less than 3 minutes, with a Christian answering 6 questions.

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Sermon – Revelation 21-22

Re-recorded sermon preached by me on 27th April, 2008 at Bishopdown in Salisbury

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Poem – I fell in love with Jesus


I fell in love with Jesus

by Meagan

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I fell in Love with Jesus as i began to pray
He came to me in a moment when i called on His Name

I fell in love with Jesus and in my heart i heard Him say
my daughter, i have loved you before you were ever born
and now i am so happy that you have taken notice
of my love for you and how much you are adored


I fell in love with Jesus as i began to praise and worship Him
as my Savior and fell on my knees to pray
I fell in love with Jesus with my hands raised to reach up to Him
for help and was given more than i can say


He has changed my whole heart inside and out
and filled the empty spaces with His Love
I cried and cried to ask His forgiveness for not realizing it before
of how much He sacrificed to make my life worth living for


He showers me with love like a spring time rain
and gives me all i ask Him for by the power of His name
He holds me close whenever i’m unsure
and tells me that He’s there for me and will always stay the same


I fell in love with Jesus and i gave him all of me
He took what i gave and made me into something
I could never be without Him
I was nothing according to the word
but with Him i am loved completely and wonderfully free

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Modernist Ministry’s Dehumanising Metrics – consolidated

Food for thought, me thinks…


Last summer, I wrote a series of posts on the highly pretentious sounding ‘dehumanising metrics of modernist ministry’. Don’t be put off (although in fairness, I have to say I was quietly pleased by the alliteration there) because the more I’ve thought about it, and the more I’ve chatted with folks, the more I think there are some crucial things to discuss. This is certainly not the perfect analysis nor last word. But I hope it will at least present something of what troubles me these days.

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Freudian slip on food poverty

Food for thought indeed!

Niall Cooper

Former city banker David Freud speaks atIn a serious Freudian slip, a Government minister yesterday denied that there was any link between food poverty and welfare, and suggested instead that the growth in foodbanks is ‘supply-led.’

So there we have it.  The real culprits for the growth of food poverty are foodbanks…

Government Minister Lord Freud was challenged by the Bishop of Truro, the Rt Rev Tim Thornton in the House of Lords, over whether ministers conceded a link between the benefits system and food bank use. Lord Freud replied that it was difficult to “make the causal connections”. The minister for welfare reform added: “It is difficult to know which came first – supply or demand. If you put more food banks in, that is the supply. Clearly food from a food bank is by definition a free good and there’s almost infinite demand.”

According to Lord Freud’s wonderful logic, if food banks had…

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