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Discarding Envy

I am glad to know this brave lady and to have her as part of the Partakers team…

Joyfully After All

For those of you that have been following my blogs since I started WAY back in college you know that I’ve had my up’s and my downs. I have had some very awesome and amazing things happen in my life (graduating from college and grad school, getting married, giving birth to my Snowflake, making some amazing friends and those are just a few high lights). I have also had my share of trials (my rape, miscarriages, the drunk that broke into my apartment, my RA diagnosis, and my husband getting thrown in jail). Through it all I have been an observer. I love to observe people. Not to judge, just because human nature and activities intrigue me.

I see friends that are living the dream I have always held. They are married with 2 or 3 children, and their spouse treats them amazingly well. They have jobs that they love…

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The Ocean

Thankful to God for this woman of God!

LeeAnn Jefferies: The Bipolar Experience

382992_195390227209919_171788062903469_411846_838968874_n I have great fear and respect for the ocean … one of God’s most beautiful and majestic creations …

Still, my feelings for the unknown deep remain.

Just like my Bipolar Disorder … the changes I go through can happen so quickly and be so drastic they are at times hard to believe, even seeming impossible. Just like the ocean, one minute calm and pure, the next, threatening even the largest ships set upon it.

An invisible creature has infiltrated my mind. Like the ocean, my fear of the water became my most life-altering nightmare.

Plunging into the ocean would take bravery on my part … actually, bravery doesn’t begin to describe it.

At times, I cannot feel the ocean floor of my own mind … waves pounding me, pulling me under. All I can do is hold on, keep my head above water and pray like I never have before…

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Those vile people sitting in the jobcentre a few feet away doing absolutely nothing.

and is the Church any better than the Job Centre / Government?

Benefit tales

From the facebook page ‘The People vs the Government, DWP and Atos”

“I’ve just seen this outside Devizes Job Centre:
A man standing crying and and so distressed he wet himself. He was saying ” they won’t help me! They won’t let me have any money! They say I’ve used all my foodbank vouchers”.
He proceeded to collapse to the ground and curl up in a ball, his arms around his dog. Two passers by were supporting him. One went to buy him some food & the other had gone to get him a blanket. Several people averted their eyes and hurried past!
I couldn’t do any more than was already being done for him, though I would have liked to help. I cried my eyes out for him and cried in anger at the vile, despicable people who are sitting in the Job Centre a few feet away doing…

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