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Luke 10:1-9 – Heaven Sent

All Souls 02/29/2004 – Luke 10:1-9 – David Harley

‘Heaven Sent

Christian life is doing not just learning.

1. Vision Jesus gives

The harvest is plentiful

It is a message of life & hope

The vision is ‘go into ALL the world’

2. What kind of people does God use?

Ordinary people, sent in pairs, probably reluctantly (v2)

Most of us are called to work in our local church.

3. What is the task?

Care & declare

Heal the sick (show compassion)

Tell that the kingdom of God is near.

4. Demands Christ makes

never easy

cost involved

you will be vulnerable

you will suffer

be single minded

1 Cor.7:25-40 – The Single Life

CCWC 02/22/2004 1 Cor.7:25-40

“The Single Life”

William Muncey

*Paul’s Opinion or Biblical mandate*

Does Paul devalue marriage & exalt singleness? How do we evaluate the viewpoint of other christians?

The preacher says –

* Dogmatism & arrogance – no place for it.

* Constant re-evaluation of opinion as theology needs graciousness.

* Better to be single – greater freedom to serve God, without distraction or added burden.

*The context*

* modify our behaviour according to circumstances

* not much time left (v.26, 29, 31)

* threat of persecution (Mk.13)

* Fall of Jerusalem 70AD – Josephus

Application for today

* Don’t rush into change

* Don’t forget its all temporal & make the most of it!

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