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Newsletter – Autumn/Fall

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News from Youngmi

Anyonghaseo! I am working still at Tesco Bournemouth for 15 hours a week as a checkout chick (as David calls them).  Most of the time, David takes me in the car and collects me again.  When he is not working that is!  At other times I catch the bus for the 20 minutes journey, but can be very frustrating when waiting for a bus that doesn’t turn up. At least I get my 10% staff discount at Tesco now.
I am fine but have been to the doctor recently for a skin problem on my right cheek and also for a mysterious rash that comes and goes on different parts of my body.  Please pray for me because this annoys me a lot, although the creams the doctor gave me do work very well.
Kamsa hamnida.

News from Dave

G’day!  Well, as I write this, I currently have 2 jobs but could do with work for a couple more days a week as we are now just about out of cash.  One job is for 1 or 2 days a week, where I am a research assistant for somebody doing a PhD on the eugenics policy of the Vichy government, and includes activities such as looking through death registers of various psychiatric hospitals and asylums! This is in the middle of the New Forest and so the drive there involves dodging horses, ponies, horse apples, donkeys and cattle. One day I had to follow a pregnant mare up the road, and she disdainfully looked around as if to say “If you think I am going to go any faster, or move off the road just for you, mate – you have another thing coming!”  Eventually she moved. I am just glad she did not decide to give birth at that time!

My other job involves tutoring a lad from the church for his A-levels for Religious Studies and Modern History.   Please do pray for Luke, as he works hard to achieve the results required for his admission to university in the next year or so in order to read Theology. Last term, he managed to get within touching a B grade instead of the predicted E grade.

As I previously stated, I need work for at least another couple of days a week.  When responding to advertisements from people or companies wanting somebody on that basis, the response is either a total blank (unusual around here) or an initial letter asking me to come in for a meeting to discuss it, followed by a total blank (again unusual for a customer oriented industry).  Meanwhile, God is faithful.  We have a roof over our head and food in our stomachs.  There has been support garnered from across the world, starting not least with the Pickards who are our landlords.  Then there is the lady in the US who sends us a share of the profits from her eBay store, or the lady in London who regularly gives.  As well as this there have been one-off gifts from people afar afield as the US and New Zealand.  God is great and without His hand in and on our lives, we would be thoroughly flummoxed and lost.  For the past 12 months or so, when I query Him, all I get back is: “Wait!”  What would be the point of that I hear you say? Well, a dear friend in London recently suggested that it may well be to teach me obedience & trust, to which I could only concur.  However, recently in my prayers, I have been getting the inkling that the wait is starting to come to an end.  Of course I must resist the urge to be too impatiently eager.  I do this by submitting myself to the Spirit, to His Word and to the church elders and to my friends.

Along with our church, Poulner Baptist Chapel, we will be seeking to distribute the resources to those who do not have internet access, initially at PBC and then possibly to other churches known to us.  Part of this is creating booklets accompanied by an audio CD.  The first one is entitled “God’s 2 Words 2 You”, introducing the Living Word (Jesus Christ) and the Written Word (the Bible).  Others will include: JOG (Jesus Overview in the Gospels); and the 12 modules for the ADD (Active Daily Discipleship) Discipleship Course.
I have friends in New Zealand, Australian and Canada who are willing to act as distributors.  There will also be an online shop where both the electronic format and the hard formats will be available.
As part of the church’s commitment to Partake Ministries, there will be on 26th October at 10:30am, a commissioning service of Partake Ministries as a mission partner of Poulner Baptist Chapel.  If you can make there, it will be great to see you.  If you need directions ask or visit their website at:

As well as the written resources, we have initiated POD (Psalms On Demand), where I have gathered people from around the world to record Psalms, and placed it on the website.  Currently over half have been recorded by people on their own computer.  This includes a group of kids in California, a 9yo autistic girl (the daughter of somebody I know) and a bunch of great people from St Pixels Virtual Church
GOSH (God’s Special Helpers): which is where different people tell in up to 100 words, about one person who has helped them in their spiritual walk.
HAHA (Heroes And Heretics Abound): which will be 3 minute Podcasts discussing Heroes and Heretics from Church History and their role in development of Christian thinking.  I recently met people who between them didn’t know anything about Anselm, Athanasius or Martin Luther!
WORD (WORship On Demand): which will be 6-8 minute audio-visual files.  This will include things like poetry, songs, artwork, other creative items and a short 3-minute bible talk.

As for the main Partake website, we have about 75 unique visitors per day who download about 150 files between them.  So far there have been over 30,000 downloads.  As you can see from the map (showing the last month), the resources are going far and wide. It is only to God’s glory that this is done.  Resulting from this, I have people praying in Germany, USA Canada, Australia and New Zealand praying that I will visit and offer some form of ministry.

If you would like to offer some form of financial support, here are some guidelines:

  • Pray about it!
  • If you are not in the UK, then you can donate using PayPal and the support link is on the main Partake website:
  • If you are in the UK, you can make cheques payable to Y & D Roberts, and if you want to create a  regular standing order, please do contact us and we will give you then bank account details.
  • You may like to contribute resources, in which case you can do so by visiting our Amazon list, and the support link is on the main Partake website:

Part of Partake Ministries, is now also to enable other people to be involved, and to encourage them to use their gifting, which may never be seen or heard by others outside of their local church community.  I know several people who write good poetry and an artist or two, who are willing to be involved.   This is the advantage of the internet in allowing people to use their spiritual gifts.  Up until forty years ago, spiritual gifts were seen as the domain of the “professional” Christians such as clergy and missionaries.   Then there came a return to the New Testament church use of spiritual gifts, whereby all Christians were encouraged to use their gifting for God’s glory.  Still though, a lot of church members are not using their gifting for the glory of God in the wider community.  The internet allows for this.  An example would be the 9yo English girl reading a Psalm that encourages the housebound woman in the United States.  God is glorified, the housebound woman is encouraged and the girl happy to have shared.  Want to be involved by reading a Psalm, poem, or a short piece of prose? Perhaps participating in any of the HAHA, WORD, GOSH programmes? Let me know! You never know who you may be encouraging or in which country or home you will be heard, but God will be glorified through you.

Our prayer for you is that you will be Holy, be Blessed and Be His

Youngmi and Dave

Now may the God of peace who brought up our Lord Jesus from the dead, that great Shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant, make you complete in every good work to do His will, working in you what is well pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen. (Hebrews 13v20-21)

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