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Jesus Christ – No longer a baby

7. How To Be Assured You Are A Christian

Now that you are a Christian, (if you are one), there may well be times when you doubt if you are God’s child. For no clear reason you don’t feel saved. But being a Christian is not to be based on emotional feelings but rather the clear and authoritative promise of God. God the Father has promised you salvation and given you his Spirit. He has promised to accept everybody who trusts in Jesus. God keeps his promises and he can be trusted. This means you have the right to enter Heaven one day, and that he will work out all things for your good here on earth as you live a life worthy of one who is his child.

Jesus, the Son of God, promised you a life of abundance here on earth and a future in eternity! This is called ‘eternal life’ and it is a life of quality not only for your future home in heaven, but for your present home on earth. Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father in heaven where he continually prays for us. We may indeed struggle here on earth but our future is secure. Our present life is in him and therefore of a quite different quality. As you became a follower of Jesus, a Christian Disciple, God started living within you! You became a part of the universal church of Jesus Christ. This means that your faith and belief are now firmly anchored in a God of mercy and love! This is despite sometimes not feeling particularly spiritual or special.

When you became a follower of Jesus, a Christian (if you are one) you experienced the deep joy of a quiet inner confidence that only comes from the Spirit. Paul experienced this when he found Himself in prison (Philippians 4) and he was able to draw on the help of his fellow believers. We can do that too in our own circumstances!

Perhaps the greatest testimony of you having become a Christian, a child of the living God, is seeing how your life has changed! You didn’t need to change a thing to become a Christian except the direction in which you were heading. Look back and see how you have changed and been transformed! This is the greatest evidence that you have, of being an assured Christian Disciple.

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