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Think Spot 9 November 2015


9th November 2015

David a man after God’s own heart

As he made his way to the battlefield where his brothers were fighting in King Saul’s army against the Philistines, David’s own walk with the Lord would have been focussed on his mission. His father had requested that he take food to his brothers to sustain them in perilous times when the Philistines, the enemies of Israel were trying to dominate and overcome God’s people Israel.

He might have been thinking of how his brothers would receive him. Would they would receive him graciously and kindly? Or would they treat him wrongfully. We are given to think there was not complete harmony between the sons especially as we see their response when David does arrive at the Israel camp. (1 Samuel 17:28)

The wonderful thing that I considered about this account the other day was how David was so in tune with God and so alerted, he was ready for anything the Lord required of him to do that day as possibly with every other day, This day was different to his usual sheep watching days. He had to go to a foreign and dangerous place, the valley of Elah a battleground where Israel, God’s own people were in combat with the philistines who had many gods, Was David ready for any warfare he might encounter? Had he stopped to think and pray about it that day? What was to take place that day was obviously unknown to him but not to God.

I would suggest from what we read that David was walking and talking with God as he journeyed. He arrives some would say amazingly at the very precise moment that Goliath is bellowing out his daily challenge for a man from the Israel camp to go out and fight him. He had said if any of you win this sole combat with me your side will be deemed the winners and the opposing side side will be subject to them.

You will notice in this boastful statement by Goliath that there was one person missing in all this. The Lord God Almighty. God was being left out of Goliath’s life. however he was very much in the mind of David as he travelled and also as he arrived. God was everything to him at this time. He is described in the Bible as a man after God’s heart. What a lovely description of him at this time.

David was livid as he witnessed this arrogant giant challenging Israel. “How dare he talk about God’s people like he did and what disrespect for God “( Check it out in 1 Samuel 17:) So he determines to do something about it. His brothers were angry at what he suggested. They, the older brothers considered the impudence of David. Weren’t they the soldiers he was a mere shepherd boy who looked after a few of Dad’s sheep. He was a nobody in their eyes. Soon they would be forced to collect back their thoughts hurriedly at what took place next. The whole situation was changed dramatically because someone, a mere boy, took up the challenge of this moment which affected a great many people, two very strong nations.

Do you realise what a change your prayers can make to a complete world if you have God on your side?

David goes to the king and suggests that Saul send him. The king tries to put him off but David is not going to let this one go. Hr tries Saul’s armour at Saul’s suggestion but staggering in armour twenty sizes too big for him and says “I will use in this battle only weapons I am used to. The King said “well ok may God be with you” One thing for sure Saul would not be found at his side as he walked and ran towards Goliath of Gath. Saul was probably hiding away in a tent somewhere. That was the kind of man he was turning out to be “Its a foregone conclusion isn’t it?. He might have said. He is bound to lose but I will allow this to take place.”

Well I am not going to go into the whole story, no time now but simply to mention something which I think is very significant. We do not know what giants we will be called to fight against this day or tomorrow but are we alert as David was and ready for anything to further the work of Christ which we his church should be ready to do.

David shocked King Saul, his brothers and perhaps himself but he didn’t shock God. God honoured a boy who lived after God’s heart who knew that God was all powerful and would win the battle against this boastful godless character, and he did magnificently defeat the giant. He did something to bring glory to God and victory to God’s people. He went out against Goliath not in his own strength and name but in God’s name and power. We have no power of our own except to try to get in the way of God using us when we refuse to listen and obey Him. But when we submit to Him and look to Him through faith, amazing victories can be won and many advances into Satan’s domain.

God is looking for alerted people who love Him, treasure His Word and use prayer affectively. Aggressiveness is allowed in serving God if we rename it, passion for His glory! Using every ounce of our being to trust Him to work in and through us to bring people to the point of knowing it is with God that they have to do. Goliath fought in his own strength and lost. We always win when we fight in God’s strength and are not forgetful to give Him the total glory. Paul the apostle wrote “He always causes us to triumph.” Praise His wonderful name!!.

Joys Prayer.

How important it is that we start the day with You Lord. We do not know what any day is going to bring forth.Lord, You know everything as you are omniscient. We know we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us but we also know we do have someone whispering in our ears “You cannot do this thing you are too weak “. The devil , the world and our flesh contest against us continually and we are on a battleground of our own but God You are able to break through all this. We hear your voice saying Trust in Me alone. Call upon me in the day of trouble and I will answer you.”

Lord help us to develop a 24/7 relationship with You. We know you but want to know You more Lord.

Lord make me useful for Thee, Send thou thy Spirit to me. Your perfect will in me fulfil, Lord make me useful toThee.”


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