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What About Mormonism 4


Mormonism – Part 4

Temple Rituals.

The Mormon Temple with its secret rituals and chants is the very centre of Mormonism Every Mormon who expects to become a ‘god’ in the world to come must be married in the eternal marriage ceremony. Whatever marriage has been entered previously is not counted.

Following the entry into the temple males and females are separated. They remove all their clothes and replace them with a garment which is known as a shield.

This is a loose fitting white garment. Their own clothes are then locked away and the key is pinned onto the shield garment. The temple assistants proceed to lay their hands on different parts of the candidates bodies invoking a blessing upon each part. The head is washed so that the brain and intellect can function correctly, the eyes that they may see clearly especially that which is spiritual. Other private parts are touched and blessed so that they may produce healthy offspring.

Following this ceremony a special undergarment is placed upon the body which must never be removed for it has special magical properties.

Masonic Handshakes were introduced into temple rites by Joseph Smith in 1842. The oaths include:

  • The removal of tongue and throat cut if secrets of the temple are ever revealed by them. That is part of the Aaronic priesthood.
  • The removal of bowels and stomach cut if in the Melchizadek Priesthood.

A further ceremony is held for those who want marriage in heaven. They have to place their hand through a slit in the curtain to be gripped by a man the other side representing God. They make vows and enter into a spiritual marriage agreement. By making commitment by word of mouth they are allowed to to enter beyond the curtain.

May I recommend for further reading ‘History and beliefs of Mormonism by Einer Anderson published by Kregal publications.

Changes And Contradictions

Things to note

  • The book of Mormon has had nearly 4000 changes since its first edition in 1830
  • Mormons say that the Bible is inadequate and contains errors.
  • Mormons add to the scriptures other such books as “The Pearl of great price” and “Doctrines and Covenants”

But even these books contradict each other. How? They differ on whether God was spirit or had flesh. Whether God is pleased with polygamy or not? Why these contradictions? A simple answer is that these books are not inspired by God but by people.

What Does The Bible Say?

If prophecies do not come truer then the prophet is false. Investigation proves that Mormon prophecies have a 100% failure rate. One of their statements of faith is extraordinary. “We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly, we also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God””

The Accuracy Of The Bible In Contrast

Psalm 12:6 The psalmist writes “The word of the Lord is flawless like silver refined in a furnace of clay purified seven times”

Another statement of the Mormon faith reads “We believe man can be saved by the keeping of the law” Yet the Bible in Romans 3:20; reads “ No one will be declared righteous by the keeping of the law”

Mormons teach that Jesus has not always been God. Yet the Bible teaches that He has always been the Son of God.

There is much more teaching which conflict with the Scriptures.  Which sounds the more authentic? Traditional Christianity based on Holy Scripture alone or the writings and beliefs of Joseph Smith?

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