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Think Spot 3 August 2015


3rd August 2015

As we know as believers in Christ we are not promised in Scripture an easy passage in life only a safe landing. As we have come through the Christmas season where for many the emphasis is on Santa Claus and not Jesus Christ, feasting rather than considering the meagre surroundings in the stable where our saviour was born, the presence of the poor shepherds who were overjoyed at seeing Jesus rather than the extravagant electronic presents being bought to satisfy many youngsters who have little understanding of the value of their gifts and a high expectancy for gifts to outdo their friends and so I could go on.

Christmas for the Believer is so different where the value is seen in God’s magnificent gift to undeserving man who although having been poor spiritually is made rich in Christ for eternity. Presents come and go, wanted for a while then cast aside, but what we have in Jesus is something we appreciate for ever.

I was considering John on the Island of Patmos earlier today and his ministry of proclaiming Christ being stopped and his banishment to an Island where he would lose his usefulness as a preacher. Was he downhearted as he began a new life imprisoned on an Island? Was he feeling God had let him down? He had lived an upright life so he was not being punished by God so where was God in all this?

As I considered these things I thought “Wait a minute, John’s ministry would be advanced not diminished, as he met with the risen Christ in a vision seeing Him in glory and majestic power awesome power light as well as hearing his voice proclaiming the end times.

This record of this vision would become part of the whole of Scripture Revelation to the whole world over many centuries up to our present times in which we live and for as long as it takes before Jesus returns.

So what seemed to be an end of things for John was really giving John opportunity to receive fresh instruction from God and in writing it down, God has kept it in indelible ink as it were to be a blessing to multitudes of people.

So if the way has dried up for your ministry may be God is going to show you a fresh path to take and a new ministry or a work for you to do in changed circumstances you could not alter. God is never hindered by human opposition so start the new year by believing even more in God’s sovereignty in your life and that He has plans for you (Read Jeremiah 1 and see his personal interest in us)

So two things for us to do. Listen more carefully for our Lord’s direction and be ready to step out in faith in what cold prove to be a life changing experience.

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