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Rural Church – End Times?

Rev'd Claire

A visit home, a Germinate conference, and several publications have me thinking once again, but this time for a different perspective about rural church. I want to think about the deeply ‘incarnational’ nature of rural faith. What I mean by that is that Faith doesn’t get talked about much, other than in terms of practicaties. But then again, nor does gardening, building a wall, baking a cake….

Looking back lack at the congregation where I grew up, from a vicar’s perspective, it was a bit of a disaster. About 15 in the congregation on a good day. Everyone in the same pews week in week out. BCP. 1st Sunday Evensong, 2nd Sunday Matins, 3rd Sunday Holy Communion, 4th (& 5th) MatiIMG_0386ns. Children’s work on a separate evening during Lent and Advent, provided there were enough children. (There was always me at the children’s stuff, generally 2 others, sometimes more)…

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