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Be You, Bravely

Food for thought from one of my Partakers support team, Jess

Joyfully After All

Be You Bravely is the 2014-2015 MOPS theme. It talks about living with courage. I first read about the theme a few weeks ago on the MOPS International website. The theme, the meanings and the action behind these 3 words have all been floating through my brain since I first read it. Bravery, courage, a willingness to do something in the face of fear, it is a timely topic in my life.

I have never considered myself a very brave person. When I was a teen at summer camp 2 friends and I climbed a little rock to sit up there and chat, it was our little quiet place in the midst of the craziness of camp and being surrounded 24/7 by 60 other kids. I did fine climbing up, but I was paralyzed with fear climbing down, and at the point I got stuck, I was about 3 feet…

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