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As a youth worker in the Church of England I was very interested to read the ‘from anecdote to evidence’ report that was published in January this year – not only because I had an MA deadline on the subject of fresh expressions less than a week later!

In the report we read the following:

“There is an urgent need to focus on children, young people and their parents and a challenge to identify how the church can best invest in people, programmes and strategies which will encourage young people actively to continue exploring faith.” (From anecdote to evidence report, 2014)

Any work we do which encourages ‘young people actively to continue exploring faith’ is hugely important. But what factors are key to nurturing faith in young people (and indeed to an extent ourselves)?

Here I offer eight suggestions to provoke our thinking…

  1. Relationships – good youth work…

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  1. You may find this summary of ‘from anecdote to evidence’ useful

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