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God Luvs You



For God so loved the world, that He gave is one and only Son, so that who ever
believed in Him would have everlasting life.
”John 3:16.

Today we have Cathie from Hong Kong and London! 主耶稣爱我、主耶稣爱你


God loves you. God is beckoning you to love Him in return. He wants you to be in
relationship with Him. Nothing you can do will make Him love you more than He
already does. If you are not in relationship with God already, now is the time!


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Comments on: "主耶稣爱我、主耶稣爱你" (3)

  1. Hi, Dave! God loves me and God loves YOU! Keep up the great work brother! Do not let the voice of discouragement speak to you but continue to listen to Holy Spirit! God is using you in such a mighty way! Sometimes when we think no one is listening, they actually are hearing more clearly and loudly than we can ever imagine! Keep planting these seeds! This message needs to be out there, throughout the whole world! God bless you!

  2. Reblogged this on Prayer: Communication with God and commented:

    Please help Dave tell the world, “God loves me and He loves YOU too!” God bless you!

  3. Fear not, sis – I will…

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