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Patrons and stuff

Rev'd Claire

imageA patron. In the Church of England, the one who gets to give the prospective incumbent the once over and decide whether or not to present them to the Bishop. Or today, one who patronises.

I don’t know what it is about the sight of a lone fairly middle-aged woman eating lunch that impels people to come and sit next to her. It might be friendliness, kindness, a desire to be neighbourly. Let’s assume so. When you ask her what she’s doing in the college, if she replies “Hiding in the library with some books”, it’s a fair bet she’s studying. So try not replying “Self guided reading? Marvellous!”

When she politely (if surprisingly tersely) asks, “And you?”, my recommendation is that you don’t explain the basic management technique you have just been taught, because you never know, she might hold a Masters in Business Administration, and be way ahead…

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