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the urban pastor

Chuggers I imagine that, at some point or other, most of us have been ‘chugged’. To be chugged is the passive verbal form of the noun ‘chugger’. Chugging is what chuggers do to us. And chugging is ‘charity mugging’, perhaps more accurately known as street fundraising. Though I understand why they do it, I really don’t like being chugged. You? It’s usually such an unpleasantly false social situation that often makes me feel very awkward. To be fair, I’ve never been abused for declining their offer to hear more about the cause they’re championing. But I wish they wouldn’t approach me like we’re old friends who just happen to bump into each other on the Balham High Road. We’re not. I’ve lived here for over a decade and they’ve just come here via public transport because the area finally has a fair few people with disposable income. When I’m making my way purposefully from the Church…

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