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A vision of a Vicar

Food for thought perchance?

Rev'd Claire

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Role models aren’t really my thing. I’ve seldom met, read about or heard about anyone and thought “that’s IT! I want to be like YOU!” It’s quite tricky enough being me, without trying to be someone else as well. But there’s a greeting, or later in the conversation, an exclamation, which is becoming increasingly familiar to me. “You’re just like the Vicar of Dibley!” to which the temptation to reply “no no no no no no yes” is quite large.

Among some of my clergy sisters, any comparison to Geraldine Grainger goes down like the proverbial lead balloon. Certainly she operates in the kind of rural world of which many dream…a village vicar, with just one church to look after, no sign of a car (apart from a taxi home as required), plenty of willing (and colourful) volunteers. If a parish priest lives in urban or suburban…

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