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He is the Best of the Best

(Song of Solomon 5:9-6-9)

Preached at Poulner Baptist Chapel 24th May 2009

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How & why is this lover the best? (v9)

1. Portrait of The Lover

a. Radiant! (v10)

b. Unique! (v10)

c. Majestic (v11)

d. Tender (v12)

e. Wise (v13)

f. Almighty v14

g. Strong v15

h. Lovely v16

2. How do we respond? Recap! Conclusion!


Welcome back to the Song of Solomon. I don’t know if you have re-read it since the last time I spoke on it back in January or not. Before we continue, I am sure there is at least one person here who is wondering how Solomon could have written this and also have had 700 wives and 300 mistresses, I would like to suggest that this Shulamite woman is quite probably Naamah, his first love and bride (2 Chronicles 12v13). This obviously is before he went astray and committed idolatry – both in a physical and spiritual sense.

Song of Solomon, is the book the Jews called “The Greatest Song of All Songs,” and people under the age of 30 were expressly forbidden from reading it due to its suggestive content. In the Jewish year, it belonged to the group of books that were read at Passover. Martin Luther, we know called it the noblest of all songs! Perhaps it was the inspiration behind what he said when inviting a friend to the public ceremony of his wedding: “I feel neither passionate love nor burning for my spouse, but I cherish her.” I am sure you will agree that was not the most romantic thing ever written but then Martin Luther and Katherine von Bora did get engaged and married on the same day! It’s also a little known fact that Katie used to brew beer in the bathtub! I don’t know of course if they ever bathed and drank it at the same time!

I also don’t know where you are at tonight. You may well be a mature Christian who has been cultivating spiritual intimacy with Jesus Christ for many years. You may well be just a new born Christian – this very day or week. You may indeed simply be seeking out Jesus Christ and do not yet know Him personally.

You may have been happily married for many years. I am also aware that there will be people here who are having marriage difficulties, or are divorced, estranged or widowed. Where ever you are at, whatever emotions you are feeling or trials undergoing, allow the Holy Spirit to counsel you as we look at this passage of Scripture together. I am glad you are here – it’s the best place to be tonight.

How & why is this lover the best? (v9)

The context for this passage is that the lover has gone! He is missing! So, we start off with that amazing question! “How is he the best?” I don’t know about you, but almost every day I am either asked or I read “How is your Jesus the best?” Perhaps the people you meet ask you the same question. Certainly the media ask it – a media that equates all religions as equal, valid but mostly silly. You may well be asking that very question tonight. So let us look together firstly at teasing out this portrait of the lover. Secondly, we will look at the response of the lover to His beloved.

Right mouse click and save to download the PDF file of this sermon.

Right mouse click and save to download the MP3 file of this sermon.

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