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Uncle John Stott was instrumental in helping the formation to think about what I believe about God and why I believe it…

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John Stott (1927-2011) was an influential Christian leader whose writings continue to inform and inspire. He had a global reach in terms of influence and traveled extensively in a ministry that extended over 6o years. That all adds weights to his following observation.

“Our model of leadership is often shaped more by culture than by Christ. Yet many cultural models of leadership are incompatible with the servant imagery taught and exhibited by the Lord Jesus. Nevertheless, these alien cultural models are often transplanted uncritically into the church and its hierarchy.

In Africa it is the tribal chief, in Latin America the machismo (exaggerated masculinity) of the Spanish male, in South Asia the religious guru fawned by his disciples, in East Asia the Confucian legacy of the teacher’s unchallengeable authority, and in Britain the British Raj mentality, the overbearing pride associated with the period of British rule until Indian independence in…

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