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God and Politics in the UK

Cash bank notesPersonal debt and payday loans companies have once again filled the pages of the papers this week. These are rapidly becoming two of the defining issues of this time of austerity that our country is going through. The latest report from the Centre for Social Justice think tank released last week entitled Maxed Out finds that poor people are bearing the brunt of a storm that has seen unsecured consumer debt almost triple in the last 20 years, reaching nearly £160 billion today. Average household debt is now £54,000 – nearly twice the level of a decade ago. Households in the poorest 10 per cent of the country have average debts more than four times their annual income. Average debt repayments within this group amount to nearly half their gross monthly income. More than 26,000 UK households have been accepted by councils as homeless in the last five years because of rent and mortgage arrears, with 5,036 becoming homeless…

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