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Participatory church

Food for thought!

Running Life

Here is my response to the conversations on Facebook & Twitter yesterday. I’m writing it in short spare moments and hence I apologise for the stream-of-consciousness style & not a neat argument. It’s probably wooly, and most probably drivel, ill informed, over-opinionated and ranty. Definitely ranty.

I love the Church of England. I love its variety of flavours and its divisions. I love its old buildings, seeped in prayer over centuries and I love its new buildings, the ones with working loos and heating. I love its priests for their absolute commitment to the idea that the C of E is the church for everyone – whether you want it or not, there’s someone in your neck of the woods charged with your spiritual welfare, and of showing, being Christ and his church to you. I love that there are priests who will baptise rampantly and I love that there…

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