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Scriptural Delight 08



G’day and welcome to Partake! Welcome back to Scriptural Delights, our series going through the wonder that is Psalm 119! Here is our eighth podcast. Today we look at the sixth of its twenty-two letters, Waw

41 May your unfailing love come to me, O LORD,

your salvation according to your promise;

42 then I will answer the one who taunts me,

for I trust in your word.

43 Do not snatch the word of truth from my mouth,

for I have put my hope in your laws.

44 I will always obey your law,

for ever and ever.

45 I will walk about in freedom,

for I have sought out your precepts.

46 I will speak of your statutes before kings

and will not be put to shame,

47 for I delight in your commands

because I love them.

48 I lift up my hands to your commands, which I love,

and I meditate on your decrees.

Thank you, Sandy! Well we are a quarter of the way through this series and it may be good to have a recap of what the Psalmist has said so far. It’s also a natural place to have a recap, because it is as if the Psalmist is also doing one. The reason I say that, is because each verse starts with ‘and’. That isn’t seen in our modern translations, but if you get a copy of Young’s Literal Translation you will see it!

In the previous sections, the Psalmist declares the amazing blessings of God, the faithful promises of God, the total obedience demanded by God, the reviving testimonies of God and then the glorious teachings of God! God’s Word is utterly amazing and shown to be a breath-taking adventure! And after all that adventure, its like this recap point is a love letter back to God! And these 8 verses are a response to the love of God and His word.

The Psalmist starts out by praising God, because God has promised him salvation! God’s promises are true, kind and unfailing! God is mighty to save and saves mightily! If God has said it, He will do it! But how does God promise salvation? Through His unfailing love, kindness and tender mercy, which is why the Psalmist puts the cause before the effect! Salvation can be attained by no other means, but only through God’s mercy and grace – God’s twin actions working in unison.

Next, the Psalmist deals with those who disagree with God’s plans and promises! What happens when scoffers come to taunt? Well, the Psalmist in verse 42 deals with them by replying that God’s word is true, it is trustworthy and His word never disappoints or dismays! Scoffers can come from within the Church as well as those outside! Doesn’t matter a jot! God’s word is still true! Not blindly trustworthy, but verifiably trustworthy! It can be verified evidentially and experientially!

So enamoured is the Psalmist with all the facets of God’s Word, that he never wants its truth to depart from him and he wants always to speak God’s truth! WOW! His heart is full of desire of God and for God that he cannot help but talk about God and God’s mercy and grace! Due to salvation, the Psalmist’s hope is in God alone and because of that hope; he will be obedient to God in all ways forever!

From the obedience that is the outworking of his salvation, the Psalmist can walk through life safely and freely. When troubles come to ensnare him, he will be able to deal with them effectively because his mind will be controlled and his demeanour, or manner, calm. God will guide through the storms and harassment as the Psalmist studies and recalls God’s words.

Being in possession of God’s wisdom in dealing with troubles, the Psalmist is again free to speak about them to anybody, even kings! Not only against the scoffers will he speak but even to leaders – all people! It is from the heart that he speaks without shame or embarrassment, of God’s mercy and grace as revealed in God’s word. And why does he do this? He does this because again, he loves to read and hear of God and God’s commands (v47)! This delight is an intense desire and actively expressed love.

Verse 48 shows the Psalmist reaching out! He is holding his hands up and out in an act of reverence, prayer and worship! This act springs forth from knowing that when he reads, studies, cogitates, meditates and thinks of all of God’s word, he is getting to know His God and Saviour better, more intimately and deepening his relationship with Almighty God! You can feel the exuding passion! There is a deep yearning from the Psalmist to see how God reveals Himself through the Scriptures, the Law, through His dealings with people. All this as a result of ‘and’, as he looks back on what he has written previously!

Now to us! How are you doing with your Bible reading? How are you letting what you read permeate every facet of your life as you allow the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s commands and guidance to you? What are you basing your salvation on? Scripture says salvation is to be found only through God’s grace and mercy exhibited by God the Son on the cross. Do not be fooled by scoffers or the enemy, Satan, into thinking otherwise! Delight yourself in reading your Bible and showing your salvation by obeying what God says in it! Speak freely of God and His dealings with you without embarrassment or shame. Know He is in charge and that He will help you, no matter what you are going through or circumstances you find yourself in. Ask for help, and He will help! He has promised and He will do it!

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