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rednoseYou probably shouldn’t write blog posts when you’re angry, but something I’ve read this morning has got me decidedly cross. I’d go so far as to say it’s the stupidest, most narrow-minded thing I’ve read from a fellow Christian in a long time.

It’s this post – Comic Relief Humbug – from the Proclamation Trust website. I’m not generally a critic of Proc Trust; I know some people struggle with their reformed-ness, but since I came out of a conservative evangelical stable myself (I’ll blog separately about this at some point), I can see a lot of positives in their approach. But this piece, written to coincide with Red Nose Day, really vexed me when I read it this morning.

The writer suggests that Christians should be cautious about giving money to the charity Comic Relief for a couple of reasons – a) because it’s not clear where the money goes, and b) because…

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