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WOWChurch Christmas Service

WOWChurch Introduction


Christmas Service

20th December 2012

The Schedule

  • Introduction

  • Time of silence for reflection and confession

  • Happy Birthday WOWChurch

  • Let’s Give Thanks to God for Christmas

  • Our International Guest – Tasha singing Mary’s Boy Child Jesus Christ

  • The 7 Antiphons:

  • Sapientia – Wisdom

  • Adonai – Holy Lord

  • Radix Jesse – Root of Jesse

  • Clavis David – Key of David

  • Oriens – Morning Star

  • Rex Gentium – King of the Nations

  • Emmanuel – God-with-us

  • Jesus? Why and who?

  • Prayers for the bereaved, housebound, lonely, ill, worried, homeless, persecuted or victims of injustice

  • Let’s go tell this message!


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