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The First Deaconate ~ Acts 6v1-7

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So far in the book of Acts, we can see that the Church has come under attack by the

    • The world (persecution),
  • satan (deceit & moral compromise)

Now a new crisis appears. Unable to destroy the church by way of persecution and deceit, satan now tries to create a split in the church by getting believers to argue and fight with each other.

If satan had succeeded in creating an implosion within this church, the only church in existence at the time, then the effects could have been devastating. The media in our world loves to report about anything negative to do with Christianity and the church. So any form of dissension, pressure splits and arguments within the Church, is often reported with an almost earnest gleefulness by the media.

From this Bible passage, four questions quite naturally arise.

    • What was the problem?
  • How was it resolved?
  • What happened after it was resolved?
  • How can we apply it to church life, 2000 years after the event?


The Problem! (v1)

The Solution! (v2-6)

Three things about the solution

Transformation of the Apostles – James, Peter & John particularly (v2)

All together now! (v2-5)

Commissioning (v6)

The Result! (v7)

Growth and witness = conversion of former enemies… (v7)

Growth and witness = reasoning and transformation



Ministry for all – serving!

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