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6 – Partake – Tale of 4 disciples

Four disciples

Today I want to introduce you to four friends of mine. They all would say they are Christian disciples of a sort. I wonder if you will recognize any of them!

Freddie Fe-elgood

First we have Freddie Fee-elgood or Freddo to his friends! He runs around to every meeting he can find that has some aspect to do with Christianity. He believes in God and likes to always feel good, regardless of anything else! When he goes to a Church worship or prayer service, usually twice on Sunday, it’s for a good entertaining time! He has no time for doctrine and thinks sermons and teaching in Church are utterly mundane and pointless, and sees no point in acting out his faith, coz they don’t make him feel good. As you can probably tell, Freddie’s prime reason to live is to feel good. The way to holiness for him is by going to as many religious events as he can, and feeling good because of it. Freddie is holy in the eyes of the world!

Amber Al-laction

And there is Amber. Amber Al-laction by name and AllAction by nature!! She runs around like the proverbial headless chicken, doing good to everyone and everything! Amb believes God exists but thinks the commitment part of Christianity is all a bit too much. Involved in such diverse groups from Greenpeace to the local homeless shelters, she has no time for Church or doctrine. She wants to change the world!

Amber’s prime reason to live is to do good and be active. The path to holiness for her is being involved in doing good deeds. The society she lives in think she is a holy person because of it!

Tommy Topheavy

And you have to meet Tom! Tommy Toph-eavy is also holy in his society but for different reasons! He has so much knowledge about God in his head; it’s amazing his head doesn’t explode! He can quote Augustine, Martin Luther, Jean Calvin, Jurgen Moltmann and John Stott verbatim, complete with page reference and book title! His passion is for doctrine and doctrine alone, and this helped him to a First at Oxford University. He isn’t concerned with living out his faith; he is only concerned with reading more about God!

Tommy’s prime reason to live is the accumulation of knowledge! He believes the path to holiness is by gaining as much head knowledge as he can possible store!

Chloe Christlike

Chloe is foolish in the eyes of the world because she has a firm faith, prays daily and reads the Bible fervently. She is involved in the Church, attending prayer meetings and homeless tea-runs. She goes to her local Bible college for evening classes to learn more about the God she wants to serve. She is getting head knowledge but wants to apply it to her life so it goes from head to heart!

Her prime reason to live is Christ and to be Jesus to other people. Believes that the path to holiness is to be as much like Jesus as she can, growing more and more like Him constantly. Knowing that she is doing this, makes her feel good, as she can see herself living out her faith in Jesus, who is her joy!

Every church has people like these four characters. Which one of these are you like: Freddie, Amber, Tommy or Chloe? Which do you think is the committed disciple?

For more to read and think about, please read Matthew 25 verses 31-46.

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