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Tales of a King Sojourner

by Dave Roberts

In the still of obscure night
Shining stars glow from afar
The moon fully incandescent bright –
A sky without a scar.

Branches of the eucalypts
Sway softly in the breeze
The night is but a crypt –
All God’s creatures move with ease.

A lone intruder strolls along,
An enemy is near.
A call goes out loud and strong –
“HUMAN scent I fear!”

Bat wings stir into their cave
Snakes glide into the brush
Possums stow in a secret enclave –
Koalas huddle in a crush.

The stranger ambles past
This is sad I thought
Of his nothing will last –
All will come to nought.

One time in the past
I was that lost man
Going nowhere fast –
Having not a super plan.

Then a voice reached out
Loud and with decree
“Looking for me!”, He did shout –
“Come and follow Me!!”

And now as I look back
On my life from then to now
Not one thing do I lack
No more need I bow

To all false gods and idols
To all that is not good
Mere human recitals
And figures made of wood.

The truth is shining through
My life did Jesus mend
The Way is narrow for the few
Who make it in the end

The other man has vanished
Not having heard the story
That one way you are banished –
The other you’re in glory.

So come my friends
And God we’ll always follow
That’s my story to the end
Having life without a hollow.

Comments on: "Tales of a King Sojourner" (1)

  1. jeanetteb1 said:

    WOW!! Good on ya, Dave!! Hidden talent there, eh? Great stuff!!

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